What to Bring Glamping?

What to Bring Glamping

What to bring while glamping really varies from from property to property. The biggest indicator on what you will be required to bring is reflected in the price. While every site listed will give you a tent, yurt, or cabin facility to sleep in, beyond that the accommodations vary.

Some destinations will provide you with grills, kitchens, or bathrooms, but not all of them include linens. It is ultimately up to the guest to determine their budget, and as a result, how much they will be provided for their experience. For the ultra luxurious glamper, some location offer five star accommodations, where you will not need to worry about a thing. In rare circumstances, some sites even include full-time staff to wait on your every whim.

Before reserving your glamping destination, be sure to check with the establishment on what you will be required to bring with you.

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