What is Glamping?


Glamping (verb): the art of camping in style, and in some cases luxury, to enjoy all the benefits of home in an outdoor setting. Short for glorified camping or glamorous camping.

Do you enjoy the outdoors in theory, but can not stand the thought of sleeping on the ground in a tent? Many people cringe at the idea of camping outside in a tent, surrounded by bugs, and the smell of bonfire smoke encompassed in your hair. However, not everyone needs to camp in the traditional manner.

Welcome to the world of Glorified Camping, also known as Glamping! Here we do not mind paying a premium to afford the luxuries of home, all while sleeping under the stars. Long gone are the days of camping in a cold tent on a bed of pine needles while worrying about infestations from bugs, or worse bears and racoons.

Wish you had a bed to sleep in? It can be done. Want someone else to cook the meals? Easy. Want a butler to wait on your every request while you enjoy some time outside with your family? It is all possible in the world of Glamping.

There is a whole new breed of resorts catering to guests every whim. No longer will you need to have your own tent or camping equipment. We, and the associated companies you will find throughout this site, will make it easy for you and your family, bachelor/bachelorette parties, special occasions, or company outings to get out and enjoy what nature can offer, while affording you the luxuries of home.

Browse around to research and experience the best that Glamping has to offer. Yes there could be some encounters with wildlife on your outdoor adventures, but what fun would it be without seeing a cuddly bear up close?

Take some time to gather some information throughout this site to help you enjoy glorified camping. Please stay tuned as we work to develop and introduce you to the world of glamping at its finest.

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