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Do you own a glamping resort, and would like to help promote your location? Than please contact us to discuss advertising, or we are always looking for new articles discussing all aspects of glamping, as well as your resort.

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4 thoughts on “Glamping Owners

  • Rachel Cline

    Hi we don’t own a resort but have designed and produced an amazing Little Cabin that land owners can quickly and easily establish a glamping site. The even better news is that as we are a Canadian company and your dollar is so strong the units only cost $19,630 at current exchange rates. It would be great if you wanted to feature our cabins in some way in a blog post or tweet about them? Let us know any more information that we can help you with.

  • Robin Saunier

    We’re a glamping campground originating from France. We’re operating over 40 campgrounds, 2 of which are in North America. We would like to discuss the possibility to advertise our rental units located in America on your website. Thank you.